Simple Value Addition for Dairy Milk

Innovation is revolutionizing the dairy industry enabling the farmer to maximize on profits and the consumer benefit from low retail prices. A 200 liters’ milk dispenser was handed over to around 2500 dairy farmers in Tharaka Nithi by the Ministry of Agriculture to boost profits to be earned by the farmers.

Anytime Milk Machine (ATM)


The appliance will do away with processing and packaging of milk and as a result reduce retail prices. Moreover it will eliminate brokers and enable farmers to sell their milk directly to the consumer. In addition the consumer will be able to buy any amount of milk depending on their economic power.

It is important to note that farmers, in this case the dairy farmers, have embraced the use of technology in the value chain. Above all, with the help of technology, farmers are able to make timely and informed decisions. Subsequently the farmers’ production and income have improved hence their lives have also improved with regards to animal monitoring. The farmers can also access financial assistance and insurance due availability and easy access of their records.

Challenges for Dairy Milk

Other challenges which have been solved through innovations include product (milk) tracking and weighing, spoiling and spillage, automated receipt, milk production and animals tracking just to mention a few. Some innovations like feeding and milking robotics and drones are yet to hit our market big time.

Other innovations are in the development stage like animal facial recognition.
Meanwhile, Covid – 19 has affected all aspects of human life and the dairy sector is no exception.
Despite measures like self – isolation and social distancing, the market remained relatively stable with the price per liter going for around Ksh. 33 with the government processor, (the NCCK), taking the lead in this prior to the detection of the first Covid case in the country.

It is projected that there will be positive growth in the agricultural sector if the current trends are anything to go by. As long as technology keeps evolving so will the dairy industry. So far, the success of technology in the dairy industry portends a bright future for innovations in the agricultural sector. This has seen an increase in partnerships between innovators, government institutions and development partners to help spur and transform the agricultural sector through technological solutions.

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