35 best tomato varieties to grow in USA

Jersey Devil Tomato Variety
Jersey Devil is a Tomato Variety mainly grown in USA

A tomato variety is a unique combination of characteristics that enable it to produce high yields of tomatoes. The best tomato variety for your farm depends on the size of your garden, the climate and growing conditions, as well as your personal preference. The best tomato varieties to grow are the hybrids as they are the highest yielding plants. Hybrids are suitable for commercial production. These varieties vary from one country to another with the farmers spoilt of choices. Tomatoes are classified by size (large and small), determinate and indeterminate, heirlooms and hybrids. Different conditions in countries favor various tomato varieties


The smallest tomatoes are the cherry and grape tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are sweet, juicy and easy to grow. They are ideal for beginners with small, indoor gardens and are perfect for salads or snacking. Most farmers prefer to grow the round, medium or large size tomatoes. Additionally, beefsteak tomatoes are meaty and have excellent flavor. They are a good option for salads and cooking.


Determinate and indeterminate

Hybrids are majorly determinate. They stop growing once they reach full size or maturity which is usually 3-4 feet tall. They are ideal for growing in containers and don’t require staking due to size. Within 4-5 weeks the plants bear all fruits at once and for all. Determinate tomatoes are excellent for large harvests for freezing, canning and other preservation methods.
The indeterminate varieties keep growing bearing successful crops of fruit provided they are not
infested by pests and diseases. They grow large and as a result need support. Indeterminate tomatoes are excellent for salads, sandwiches and preservation, provided they are frozen. Most heirlooms and cherry tomatoes are indeterminate.



These are the best tomato varieties that are disease resistant and high yielding. Some varieties like Celebrity and Better Boy are also resistant to nematodes. However hybrids are not resistant to all diseases infesting tomatoes.


Heirloom Tomato one of the best tomato variety

The tomatoes are grown from seeds taken from tomato plants that produced best fruits. They are open pollinated, passed from season to season and are selected for size, color, shape and juiceness. They are tastier than hybrids and are expensive to grow because they require more space, water and fertilizer.


Which are the best tomato variety to grow in the USA?

Below are 35 of the high yielding and best tomato variety to grow in the USA.

Black Krim Tomato




Black krim has a unique look, rich in flavor and highly tasty. It is an heirloom indeterminate tomato variety which produces medium sized tomatoes. It originated from Russia hence its ability to thrive in cold conditions. Black Krim takes 80 days to maturity with 36 fruits per plant.


Tangerine Tomato Variety

Tangerine tomatoes are determinate and have orange skin. They are exceptionally sweet and delicious tomatoes. They are suitable for growing in containers and home gardens. Tangerine tomatoes reach maturity in 68 days. They are highly disease resistant and thrive in hot weather.


Virginia Sweets Tomato Seed


Virginia sweets tomatoes are an heirloom indeterminate plants that produce large fruits weighing one pound. The plants require staking as they grow large with heavy crops. The variety takes approximately 80 days for maturity and does well in both hot and cool regions. Virginia sweets fruit consistently throughout the season.


 Carmello Tomato Seed


Carmello tomatoes are indeterminate with a sweet flavor and high productivity. A plant produces approximately 70 fruits. A typical fruit is medium sized and weighs 5-7 ounce. The plants are exceptionally disease resistant. The fruit has a thin skin hence requires proper water schedule. The tomatoes take 70 days to maturity and grow large hence require staking. This is one of the best tomato variety to grow


Cherokee Purple Tomato Variety

Cherokee purple is a very popular heirloom tomato indeterminate which produces large dark purple tomatoes. The plants grow large and need ample support. The fruits are as large as 2 pounds and 6 inches wide. This is one of the best tomato variety and it grows in almost all regions in the USA and is one of the best tasting.


Sakura f1 Tomato Variety


This tomato variety is very sweet with early and continuous harvest. Sakura thrives in hot and cold temperatures. It is a prolific producer both in the outdoor fields and greenhouses conditions. The plant is a disease resistant and an indeterminate. It matures after approximately 60-70 days. A plant can produce 160 fruits and weighs approximately an ounce per fruit.


Blue Beauty Tomato Variety

These are heirloom indeterminate variety of tomatoes. They are highly productive with fruits weighing up to an ounce. The fruit is sweet and juicy though slightly flattened. The plant takes 78 days to reach maturity. There are different varieties of beauty tomatoes. One of the most popular is the Black beauty tomato. They grow large hence proper spacing and staking.


Stupice Tomato Seed

Stupice is an indeterminate which produces large yields of fruits weighing 3-6 ounces. The plant is an early producer (55-85 days) and has an exceptional flavor. Stupice thrives in drought and humid conditions.


Jersey Devil Tomato variety



It has the same shape as pepper, has few seeds and little juice. Consequently, it is a good paste tomato suitable for making sauce and fresh eating. Jersey devil is an indeterminate and produces big crops, 6 inches long and needs support. A plant produces 20-90 fruits and takes 90 days to reach maturity.


Russian Big Roma Tomato Variety

It is an heirloom indeterminate tomato with a perfect paste due to plenty of meat and less juice. The Russian Big Roma tomato is suitable for making sauce. It is disease resistant, a heavy feeder and produces large amounts of deep red fruits which are 4 inches wide. A plant produces an average of 200 fruits. It takes 90 days to reach maturity.


Early wonder Tomato variety

The variety is a determinate and an early producing high yielding tomato. It produces harvest after 55 days. The fruits are round, dark pink in color and weigh 6 ounce. It is perfect for areas with short growing seasons.


Celebrity Tomato variety

Celebrity is a determinate tomato variety which is disease resistant and high in productivity. The fruit is round in shape and medium sized with a weight of 7-10 ounce and 3-4 inches wide. It produces 30-40 fruits per plant and matures after 70 days. Celebrity tomato is adaptable and can do well in humid and cold conditions. A plant can produce 30-40 fruits. It is good for cooking.


Big Beef – (F1) Tomato Seed

Big Beef is an indeterminate variety that produces large fruits that are 5-7 inches wide and weigh 8-12 ounces. It is easy to grow, has great flavor and high in productivity. It produces 30 fruits per plant and matures after 70 days.


Jaune Flamme Tomato Variety

Also known as yellow flame, Jaune flamme is an heirloom indeterminate tomato. It has an orange skin and flesh. It is good for salads because of the citrusy flavor. Additionally, it makes a perfect dried tomato. The fruit weighs 3-4 ounces and 2 inches wide and reaches maturity after 70-80 days.


Tomato Mountain Merit F1

It is an excellent disease resistant variety. The determinate tomato produces medium large sized fruits weighing 10-12 ounces and approximately 4 inches wide. Its plant produces 45 fruits and matures after 75 days.


Sun Gold (F1) Tomato Seed

Sungold cherry is an indeterminate tomato variety with a fruity taste. It makes an excellent dried tomato and matures after 65 days. The plant can produce 120 fruits which weigh 0.5 ounce and 1 inch wide.


Pozzano – (F1) Tomato Seed

The variety is an indeterminate tomato, disease resistant, delicious and of high productivity. A plant produces 60-80 fruits within 75 days. The fruit weighs 4-6 ounces and approximately 4 inches wide.


Yellow Pear Tomato Seed


Yellow Pear Tomato Variety
Yellow Pear Tomato Variety

This is an heirloom indeterminate tomato, disease resistant with a slight citrusy taste. The variety is easy to grow and highly productive throughout the season. The plant grows large hence the need to stake. It produces 5-12 fruits per cluster. The skin is yellow in color and pear shaped. The fruit is about 2 inches long. It matures in about 75 to 80 days. Yellow Pear is good for salads and snacking.


Tumbling Tom Red

The variety is a determinate, high yielding and an early producer of sweet and sweet tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes weigh 1-2 ounces, 1-2 inches wide and mature after 65 days. The bushy plant is suitable and easy to grow in containers. It does not need staking being a trailing variety and produces 70-80 fruits per plant. The variety is good for snacking.


Amish Paste

It is an indeterminate that produces 6-8 ounce meaty and juicy fruits. Amish Paste does well in warm and hot conditions. The variety is good for salads, sauces and canning. It has a sweet tangy flavor and requires staking. The plant produces large fruits all season long which mature after 80 days. It matures after 75-85 days.


Black Cherry

It is an indeterminate and high yielding tomato with a large 1 inch sweet and delicious fruit. In addition the fruit weighs 1 ounce. The variety grows and produces fruits throughout the season. It takes 65 days only to mature with well supported plants producing many fruits each.


Bonny Best

Bonny Best is an indeterminate, drought tolerant and high yielding tomato variety. The fruit is meaty weighing 2-10 ounces is suitable for canning or slicing. It has a mild tart taste and needs staking. It takes 75 days to mature.


Chocolate Stripes

Good for sandwiches and salads, this indeterminate tomato has a sweet, delicious earthy flavor. The fruit weighs 1 ounce, 3-4 inches wide and is reddish brown in color. It matures in 80 days.


Brandywine Tomato Variety
Brandywine Tomato Variety
Brandywine Tomato Variety

The heirloom tomato fruit can be red, yellow, pink or black and high in flavor. Brandywine has both indeterminate and determinate varieties. It produces 10-20 fruits per plant and weighs 2 pounds and matures after 70-100 days depending on the type. It requires staking as it grows large. The fruit is meaty and juicy hence suitable for canning, drying and sauce.


Constoluto Genovese

The heirloom indeterminate tomato variety is best for sauce and paste. The hefty fruit is meaty, slightly tart, juicy and weighs 6-8 ounce. It does well in summer heat and humidity. It matures in 70-90 days and produces throughout the season. The tomato plant requires staking.


VR Moscow

A determinate plant that is disease (Verticillium wilt) and drought resistant, the tomato variety grows fast and tall needing staking. It has a sweet and tart taste and is suitable for canning. In addition it is good for sandwiches and salads. Maturity takes 80-90 days.


Great White

A high yielding, indeterminate plant that produces sweet and juicy fruit, weighing up to 2 pounds. The heirloom tomato variety is disease and drought resistant. The fruit is large is low in acidic content, has few seeds and meaty. It matures after 80-85 days.


Arkansas Traveler


Arkansas Traveler Tomato Variety
Arkansas Traveler Tomato Variety

This indeterminate tomato variety is disease resistant, heat and humid tolerant and matures after 80 days. The plant produces pink colored fruits of small to medium size. Staking of the plant may be required. The fruit weighs 6-8 ounce and has a mild flavor best for salads. Good for salads.


Ace 55-VF

A perfect disease resistant (verticillium and fusarium wilt) determinate variety, the Ace 55-VF tomato is a thick walled fruit that does well in greenhouses and outdoor. This heirloom tomato has low acidity content, excellent fresh flavor, grows tall and needs staking. The fruit is 5-6 inches wide and weighs 6-8 ounce. It is good for cooking and eating fresh. Maturity is in about 80-85 days.


German Johnson

This variety is disease resistant and does well in heat and humidity. The fruit is meaty, juicy and matures in about 80-90 days. The dark pink colored indeterminate variety is suitable for canning. The fruits weigh 12-24 ounces and have a sweet and tart flavor. The plants produce 40 fruits each.



Very low in acidic content, this variety is beefsteak style and is sweet, juicy and almost fruity. The
indeterminate plant is highly productive, heat tolerant and crack resistant. In addition the plant needs to be staked as it grows large. The large ribbed fruit weighs 2 pounds and reaches maturity in about 85 days. It is suitable for canning, freezing, drying, sandwiches and salads.



Thessaloniki is an indeterminate variety that produces high yields and matures in about 60-80 days. The heirloom tomato variety is resistant to cracking and rotting. The fruit weighs 6-12 ounce with a width of 3-4 inches. It is good for salads, sandwiches, slicing and canning. The plant needs staking while growing.


Kellogg’s Breakfast

This heirloom indeterminate tomato variety produces large, meaty, 14 ounce, heart shaped fruit. It is harvested in 80-90 days and grows large hence the need to stake. The fruit is suitable for sauces, slicing and salads.


Oxheart Pink

Oxheart pink is an heirloom indeterminate tomato variety with a 2-3 pound, meaty, juicy fruit. It varies in taste and color with majority being red and pink. Others have yellow, purple, green and orange colors. The tastes range from mild sweet to acidic. Likewise, while some varieties need staking, others don’t. Oxheart pink tomato is excellent for salads, sandwiches, sauce and canning. It matures in 70-90 days.


Mr. Stripey

An heirloom indeterminate plant that bears red and yellow, delicious and sweet fruits, the variety matures in 80 days. The fruit weighs 12-24 ounce and is good for salads and sandwiches. The plant needs support as it grows large.


What are the best tomato varieties in the USA?

The best tomatoes to grow in the USA are Red Brandywine, Heirloom, Cherokee Purple Heirloom and Sun Gold hybrids. They are easy to grow, tasty and produce lots of fruits. Due to their water content and thick wall, they are suitable for canning, freezing and drying apart from being served fresh.


Which are the best tomato growing areas in the USA?

The best tomato growing areas in the USA are California and Florida.
California 95% of tomatoes in the USA is produced in California and are grown in Sacramento Valley and San Joaquin Valley areas. Production takes place in Solano, Merced, Sutter and Stanistaus Counties. The planting period is in January and early June with the harvesting in June-October.


It is the second largest producer of tomatoes in the USA. Florida ranks first in the USA in fresh tomato production. The growing areas are Tampa Bay and Dade County. Floragold, Better Boy and Everglades are some of the varieties grown in Florida. The best planting period is March-August. Indiana and Ohio are the next in line as large tomato growing areas in the USA.

Others include

Michigan,  New Jersey, Tennessee North Carolina, South California, Virginia


The top tomato growing countries in the world include

China,  Italy,  Uzbekistan, India Spain Ukraine, Turkey Mexico, Portugal, USA, Brazil, Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, Iran Russia Cameron


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