Black Strawberry Tomato

Black Strawberry Tomato: A Flavorful and Unique Heirloom Variety


The Black Strawberry Tomato, also known as the “Black Krim” tomato, is a distinctive and highly sought-after heirloom tomato variety cherished by gardeners and culinary enthusiasts. This unique tomato variety is popular for its striking appearance, complex flavor profile, and historical significance. Read about its origins, characteristics, cultivation, culinary uses, and why this tomato variety has gained a celebrity status.


Origins and History:


The Black Strawberry Tomato has its roots in the Crimea region of Ukraine, near the Black Sea. It is believed to have been cultivated by the Tatar people for centuries before making its way to the United States in the 20th century. This tomato variety was named after its place of origin, “Krim,” and the Black Sea’s association with its dark color.




1. Appearance: The most striking feature of the Black Strawberry Tomato is its deep, dark, almost purplish-red skin. It can sometimes appear almost black, which adds to its visual appeal when fully ripe. The shape is typically slightly flattened and irregular, adding to its rustic charm.


2. Size: These tomatoes are typically medium-sized, ranging from 2 to 4 inches in diameter.


3. Flavor: The rich and complex flavor characteristic of the Black Strawberry Tomato is lauded. It provides a harmony of sweet and tart flavors and has an earthy or smokey undertone. It distinguishes itself from other tomato types thanks to its distinctive flavor.


4. Texture: The Black Strawberry Tomato has meaty, luscious flesh that is perfect for slicing, salads, and sandwiches.


5. Cultivation: Cultivating Black Strawberry Tomatoes can be a rewarding experience for gardeners.


Here are some key considerations:

1. Climate: These tomatoes thrive in warm, sunny conditions. They require a long growing season, making them well-suited for regions with hot summers.


2. Soil: Well-draining, nutrient-rich soil is essential for healthy Black Strawberry Tomato plants. Amending the soil with compost can enhance growth.


3. Support: Provide adequate support for the plants, as the heavy fruit can cause branches to sag. Staking or using tomato cages is recommended.


4. Watering: Regular watering is essential to avoid problems like cracking. Keep the leaves dry and lower the danger of disease by watering the plant’s base.


5. Trimming: Trim consistently to help increase airflow and lower the danger of illness. Trim any branches with damage and lower leaves.


6. Cooking Uses: In the food industry, black strawberry tomatoes are prized for their distinctive flavor and exquisite look.


Here are a few common culinary applications:


Fresh Slicing: Enjoy these tomatoes fresh in salads, sandwiches, or as a simple, elegant side dish. Their striking color adds visual appeal to any meal.


1. Sauces and Salsas: The rich, complex flavor of Black Strawberry Tomatoes enhances pasta sauces, salsas, and tomato-based dishes.


2. Roasting: Roasting these tomatoes intensifies their flavor and sweetness, making them a delightful addition to roasted vegetable medleys or as a topping for pizza.


3. Preserving: Black Strawberry Tomatoes can be preserved by canning or making homemade tomato sauces for year-round enjoyment.


Popularity and Conclusion:


The Black Strawberry Tomato’s distinctive appearance and exceptional flavor have earned it a place of honor in gardens and kitchens worldwide. Its unique blend of sweetness and smokiness, coupled with its captivating dark color, sets it apart from other tomato varieties. Whether you are a gardener looking to cultivate a unique heirloom variety or a chef seeking to elevate your culinary creations, the Black Strawberry Tomato is a fascinating and delicious choice that continues to captivate tomato enthusiasts worldwide.


Common questions and answers about Black Strawberry Tomatoes:

1. What is a Black Strawberry Tomato?

A Black Strawberry Tomato, also known as “Black Krim” tomato, is an heirloom tomato variety originating from the Crimea region near the Black Sea. It is rated highly for its striking dark-red to almost black color and unique flavor profile.


2. How big do Black Strawberry Tomatoes typically grow?

Black Strawberry Tomatoes are generally medium-sized, with diameters ranging from 2 to 4 inches when fully mature.


3. What does a Black Strawberry Tomato taste like?

Black Strawberry Tomatoes are known for their rich and complex flavor, combining sweetness with a hint of tartness. They often have smoky or earthy undertones, setting them apart from more common tomato varieties.


4. How do you grow Black Strawberry Tomatoes?


To grow Black Strawberry Tomatoes successfully, you need a warm and sunny climate with well-draining, nutrient-rich soil. Providing support, consistent watering, regular pruning, and good air circulation are essential for healthy plant growth.


5. Can Black Strawberry Tomatoes be grown in containers?


Yes, you can grow Black Strawberry Tomatoes in containers or large pots, provided they have adequate space and support. Choose a container with good drainage and use high-quality potting soil.


6. When is the best time to harvest Black Strawberry Tomatoes?


Black Strawberry Tomatoes are typically ready for harvest when they reach their full color, varying from deep red to almost black, depending on ripeness. They should be firm but slightly yielding to the touch.


7. What are some popular culinary uses for Black Strawberry Tomatoes?


Black Strawberry Tomatoes are versatile in the kitchen. They are excellent for fresh slicing in salads or sandwiches, and their unique flavor enhances pasta sauces, salsas, and roasted dishes. They can also be preserved through canning or sauce-making.


8. Are Black Strawberry Tomatoes suitable for making tomato sauces?


Yes, Black Strawberry Tomatoes are excellent for making tomato sauces due to their rich flavor. You can use them to create flavorful pasta sauces or as a base for various dishes.


9. What unique nutritional advantages do Black Strawberry Tomatoes possess?


Black Strawberry Tomatoes, like most tomatoes, are an excellent source of vitamins, particularly vitamin C and vitamin K, as well as anti-oxidants like lycopene. They are a healthful supplement to a balanced diet and are low in calories.


10. Where can I find Black Strawberry Tomato seeds or plants?

You can find Black Strawberry Tomato seeds or plants at local nurseries, gardening centers, or online seed suppliers. Heirloom seed catalogs and specialty tomato growers are also good sources.


11. Are Black Strawberry Tomatoes disease-resistant?


While they may have some natural resistance, Black Strawberry Tomatoes, like many heirloom varieties, may be more susceptible to certain diseases than hybrid tomato varieties. Proper care, good gardening practices, and disease management can help maintain plant health.

These common questions and answers should provide you with a good understanding of Black Strawberry Tomatoes and how to grow and use them in your culinary adventures.


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